Airport & Flight

As long as we have the correct flight information in your reservation, we will move you to the next available shuttle after the flight is scheduled to land. If you have changed flight number or carrier, please call 970-754-7433 or email to let us know the new information. We will do our best to accommodate the change, provided there is availability.
If you have a domestic mobile number in your reservation, you will receive a text message approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled shuttle departure with a check in link. Otherwise, you'll check in at the Airport service counter, located on Level 5 near International Arrivals/ North Security.
Yes. Shuttles departing from the Eagle Vail Airport are flight specific and will depart once guests with reservation have collected bags and are loaded on board the shuttle. If your flight is delayed or arrives early, EME will be there for this flight. This is not the case for Denver flights. These operate by a fixed schedule.
Epic Mountain Express’ guest service counter is in the main terminal at Denver Airport, located in the northeast area near North Security and the International Arrivals doors.
If you were booked on our last shuttle departing the airport and you are delayed, we may be able to move you to the first available shuttle the next day. Please call us to discuss options if you are unable to arrive in time to reach our last scheduled shuttle due to flight delays.

Online Booking

Yes. You can manage or cancel your reservation online if you do so at least 8 hours before travel. NOTE: If you are cancelling a ROUND TRIP, both legs of travel need to be cancelled separately. You will know if you have cancelled both legs if you receive a cancel notice by email AND you scroll down to review each leg. There will be a red 'cancel' beside each cancelled leg of travel.
If you cancel your reservation outside of 24 hours of your travel time you will receive a refund in 7 to 10 business days.
If the location or hotel you are going to has a name, please enter the name or at least the first three letters of the location or hotel. If it is a private home, enter the name of the street or road only. DO NOT enter the house/unit number until prompted.
Some reasons for this are : Last minute reservations (within 24 hours of travel) are not available to be booked online. Other reasons are that a flight departs or arrives to DEN too late or too early to work with our shuttle schedule. Another reason is that certain shuttles may have limited availability and online booking is not available. This is common during peak travel periods and weekends.
When asked to enter your flight information, select NO FLT in the Airline drop down box. Please enter a flight time approximately 45 minutes from the scheduled shuttle you wish to take.
Under the Services Tab, select Priority Program which will bring you to the login page.
Yes, You can manage your reservation through the website up to 24 hours in advance of your travel. Please note: You must click "Save Changes" on the "Cart" page to successfully update your reservation. You will then receive a confirmation with your updated reservation details. Please review your changes carefully. If you do NOT receive an email, any changes made were NOT updated.

Epic Mountain Rewards

Epic Mountain Rewards give Epic Pass holders a discount of 20% on food and beverage, lodging, group ski and ride school lessons, equipment rentals and Epic Mountain Express transportation. See the full details here.
You’ll enter your Epic Pass number on the Shopping Cart page during checkout in the Epic Mountain Rewards box.
Epic Mountain Rewards' benefits are available only to Epic pass holders, including the discount of 20% off Epic Mountain Express transportation. This also applies to the discount of 20% off lodging, group ski and ride school lessons, and equipment rental. For full details, please visit
You can chat with us or give us a call. We will verify your number with your name on the pass and your date of birth.
Epic Mountain Rewards is available to those with an Epic Pass, Epic Local Pass, Epic Day Pass, Epic Military Pass, Epic Australia Pass and the regional season passes.
Epic Mountain Rewards are available to those with an Epic Pass, Epic Local Pass, Epic Day Pass, Epic Military Pass, Epic Australia Pass and the regional season passes. If your pass number could not be validated but you hold one of these passes please call us at 970-754-7433.
2022/23 Epic Pass holders can redeem rewards starting on May 15, 2022! 2021/22 Epic Pass benefits expire on May 30, 2022.


We’ve added more flexibility to the cancellation policy and there is no fee if a reservation is cancelled at least 24 hours prior to travel. Cancel on line HERE >>
Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before and after each trip, with a focus on high touchpoint surfaces and increased airflow. Drivers will complete a disinfectant checklist that must be turned in at the end of the day. More safety protocols are found HERE >
Masks and facial coverings are no longer required.


The following information is needed at the time of booking: Name of traveler, number of people traveling, dates of travel, airport flying into/out of, lodging location, Airline information (airline name and flight number), mobile number for contact, email address and credit card information (number, expiration date, CVV code, Name on card, Billing zip code) to make payment.
Yes: Please contact our reservations center at 970-754-7433 or email and we will be happy to assist you. Though all changes are subject to availability at the time requested, and there may be a rate change.

You can manage a reservation through the website
Upon arrival to Denver or Eagle County Airport, you'll receive a text message with step by step instructions. Note that US phone numbers can only be messaged. Also, check your reservation information to ensure you have given the correct mobile phone number.
Watch our video on the mobile check in experience
Yes, but keep in mind this is only a request and not guaranteed.
Ford Transit HDs make up the majority of our fleet, and these hold a maximum 12 passengers.
Of course! This is made upon request, so please let your driver know if you need a comfort stop along the way.
Passengers on the shared ride shuttles can tip their driver either in-person or at the time of booking. Tips are always appreciated, and on average guests tend to tip 10% to 20% of the cost of their reservation.


If you left an item on the vehicle, please give our reservations center a call at 970-754-7433 or fill out the form at so we can work on getting your item back to you.
No, however the RTD, Denver County's bus system, runs a train from Union Station in Downtown Denver to the Denver Airport called the A line Commuter.
Our scheduled shuttles only pick up and drop off at the Denver International Airport. If you wish to go to another location in Denver other than the airport, you should book a private SUV or charter van, if available.
No, however you can ride to the Frisco Transfer Center and then catch the Lake County Commuter via Summit Stage to Leadville. Another option for pick up/ drop off is Copper Mountain Conoco, which is the closest location to Leadville that Epic Mountain Express services from DIA.