David Sena of DIA Wins Service Award

Posted On: 06/17/2016

CME would like to give a shout out…a really big one, to Mr. David Sena, Customer Service Agent at Colorado Mountain Express’s Denver Airport Counter. He was recognized at a ceremony by Vail Resorts’ CEO Rob Katz in Heavenly, CA. with 11 other Vail Resorts’ Epic Service winners. David, along with the rest of the DEN Airport Staff of CME, do a great job every dy, welcoming guests after they deplane at DIA. One day, a guest arrived for a seven-day ski trip but while at the airport, and someone walked off with his luggage. This happens more than you would think…So this might be a good excuse to find creative ways to mark your luggage. Anyway, David worked with the guest to obtain the luggage from Southwest. The airline said it would take a few days to retrieve it. That would mean the guest wouldn’t have his gear for several days of the ski trip, so David helped ensure the luggage was recovered more quickly and within eight hours it was returned to him. David was an instrumental part of ensuring this luggage was returned in a timely manner and turned what could have been detrimental into a minor inconvenience. Congratulations David and thank you for your Epic Service!