Winter Storms Causing Delays

Posted On: 02/20/2019

Winter is here - which means snow storms, icy roads, and highway closures. And with these uncontrollable factors, come travel delays. If you are going to - or traveling from - Denver International Airport, here is what to do if you’ve missed your your ride with Epic Mountain Express or Premier Mountain Express.

Please note, the Colorado Department of Transportation and Colorado State Patrol are the only ones who are in charge of road closures and openings. We are only allowed to take the approved route of the I-70 mountain corridor to Denver Airport. The Public Utilities Commission does not allow us to take back roads, side roads, or alternate routes. If I-70 is closed, we are not permitted to drive nor can we open any road.

If you would like to know the status of a specific section of I-70, please visit

FROM the mountains TO Denver Airport

If you are scheduled on an Epic Mountain Express shared ride shuttle and you are leaving the mountains (Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail, and Beaver Creek areas) to go to Denver International Airport:

  • If your flight is cancelled the day of your Epic Mountain Express trip - please adjust your existing reservation accordingly online.
  • If there is a road closure during the time of your ride, but your flight is not cancelled - we will still pick you up, and wait on the road to get you to Denver. You may call to rebook your trip, but please note availability may be limited.
  • If you are stuck in the mountain areas and missed your flight - we can book you for the next available shuttle. Please note, we are not responsible for your lodging or additional travel plans.

  • FROM Denver Airport TO the mountains

    If you are scheduled on an Epic Mountain Express shared ride shuttle and you ARE NOT at Denver International Airport:

    • If your flight is delayed, Epic Mountain Express has multiple daily departures. Flights are monitored throughout the day and we constantly make adjustments to ensure that you are on the road as soon as possible.
    • If your flight is delayed and you think you may miss your shuttle, you may alter your reservation online. You may also call us at 970-754-7433.
    • If your flight is delayed, and you miss your shared shuttle, we’ll transfer you to the first available shuttle (this could mean the next day).

    If you are scheduled on an Epic Mountain Express shared ride shuttle and you ARE at Denver International Airport:

    • If you are already at Denver Airport, please collect all luggage and make your way to the Epic Mountain Express counter. Our staff is located across from Baggage Claim #17 on the west side of the baggage claim terminal. They will help you reschedule your trip with Epic Mountain Express. Epic Mountain Express staff are not responsible for rescheduling your hotel accommodations or airfare.

    If you are on a Premier Mountain Express private vehicle (SUV, Chartered Sprinter, Chartered Van):

    If your flight is delayed, Premier Mountain Express drivers wait for you. If this flight is delayed due to weather, there is no standby fee. Flights are monitored and there’s a driver nearby when you arrive so you are on the road as soon as possible. Just call the Premier check in number after collecting all checked luggage and your driver will meet you at a designated area.


    > What if I missed my Epic Mountain Express shuttle? What if I want to use other transportation options?

    Please visit

    > What is the cancellation policy?

    For Epic Mountain Express trips cancelled due to weather storms or road closures, please call our Reservation Center. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis - either credits for future travel or a refund of at least $10 will be issued. Please be kind to our Agents, they will try to help you the best they can!

    > Can I move my trip earlier to avoid weather storms?

    Yes! If you prefer to leave the mountain areas before a storm hits, please alter your trip online.

    > I’m stuck in my original location, didn’t make it to the airport, and don’t know what to do.

    There are hotels, hostels, and lodging all throughout Vail, Beaver Creek Breckenridge, and Keystone. Please use whatever search engine you prefer to find lodging. Epic Mountain Express is not responsible for booking your hotel accommodations. If your Epic Mountain Express trip is cancelled due to uncontrollable factors, like weather and road closures, we are not responsible for your lodgings.

    Please remember - you are traveling through the notoriously snowy Rocky Mountains during the winter. We want to keep all travelers safe to the best of our ability!

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